Resources Management Company

Non-invasive geophysical surveys

Resources Management Company S.r.l. was born in January 1993 for providing scientific and technological services in the field of the utilisation and management of the natural resources and supporting public and private companies during the phases of environmental projects planning.

RMC's services address mainly to those companies that, operating in environmental and social impact sectors, mostly need objective instruments to support the decisional processes.

Sub-bottom imaging (pdf)

Continuous resistivity profiling on land and water covered areas (rivers, lakes and sea)
Indagini fondale Sub-bottom images

Landfill monitoring (pdf)

Geoelectrical Monitoring System (GMS) - Leak detection system for FLM - HDPE geomembrane

Landfill monitoring

Other services

  • Georadar survey

  • E.R.T. survey - Electric Resistivity Tomography

  • Electromagnetic survey

Resources Management Company

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